Movies Night

Date night with my Pudding


So I have been going to school all summer, and it has just been a stressful school year. My boyfriend knew I really wanted to go watch Suicide Squad so he picked up tickets for us. Let me tell you, I am not a huge fan of DC movies, but this movie killed it. I love it, and thought it was so awesome!

We had movie food just to get in the real movie feel (we normally don’t buy concession bc of the crazy prices) LOL. But i had a great time 🙂

My boyfriend missed the very beginning and got there when Harley Quinn was getting introduce and after the movie he just goes, “I missed the whole movie.. Harley was the whole movie.” You see normally I would get jealous, but I can’t blame him Margot Robbie is hot. 😉

After we got out the movies we went to grab a bite at Jack in the Box. 🙂

Ricky grabbed the munchies meal, and we decided to share it since I wasn’t too hungry. The whole night was fun, and I am glad we went to have Jennie & Ricky time.

Now I am going to go shower then get in bed for school tomorrow. Last week of summer school, wohoo! 🙂


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