Pride Month

Hiii loves, as many of you might know June was Pride month. As in Gay  Pride, if you know me personally you’ll know how close the LGBT community is to my heart. Sadly this year I couldn’t attend the pride festival in Houston, but hopefully I can attend next year.

Here are pictures from the previous years I’ve gone. I can’t find the other picture’s I took, so here are the one’s I could. LOL.

I was really sad I couldn’t attend this year, but life got in the way. I mostly wanted to attend to be around my people and show respect to those in Orlando. But again next year will have to do. I hope my queers come out the closet soon and are accepted and love how they deserve to be loved. I love all my gay, lesbian, BISEXUALS and Trans! ❤

Maybe Soon i’ll be writing something interesting. You guys will just have to stay tone to check and see. 😉

I love you guys, stay tone for more adventures!


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