********** WARNING!! **********

If you haven’t watched season 4 of Orange is the New Black STOP READING NOW.



Hiii loves! Sorry for not posting lately I have been busy with school, and life. LOL. Anyways today I want to talk about the new season of Orange is the New Black, OMG. So first off, WTF! This has got to be by far their best season ever!! So much drama, and it kept me on my toes the whole time. Yes, I watched the whole season in 3 days. I probably could have finished it in one day, but I was busy. I do have a life besides Netflix and Hulu.. LOL.

*I might be jumping around, sorry.

Lets start from the very beginning, Alex and Lolly! Holy shit.. I had a feeling this was going to happen when it was the ending of season 3 if you guys remember it ended with the officer on top of Alex. I had a feeling she was going to get free and either kill him or hurt him and run away. Yay! For guessing right, lol.


Next, I was like how in the hell are all the new inmates going to fit and go! Then they got assigned bunks and let me tell you I hated Hapakuka (Piper’s bunkie) I just had a hate for her, and when she was finally getting cool she hoe’s out Piper. Not saying Piper didn’t deserve it cause let me tell you I HATE Piper! She just gets on my nervous, and she pisses me off more when she fucks with Alex. This season Piper just got on my nervous more than usual.

Anyways.. Lolly! I feel for her. 😦  The system fucked her up so bad, putting her in jail because she was trying to block out the people she would hear. It broke my heart to see she had schizophrenia and nobody wanted to take care or help her. Only her homeless friends would be there and not judge her. Then when Red hoed her out and said she killed her.. ugh, unless it wasn’t red and it was Healy. Fuck him too.

Next, Suzanne! My heart can’t take it all.. All she wanted was to play with her friend, and he I guess couldn’t see she wasn’t right in the head and was calling 911. Then when was freaked out his dumb ass runs to the window and falls and dies. But I’m not sad that he died, i’m more sad that Suzanne got accused of it and is in prison for it. Yea I know she shouldn’t have asked him to go over to her place, but that goes to show parent’s aren’t educating their kids to leave with strangers, and even if they know them they ALWAYS have to ask for permission! I strongly believe Suzanne had no fault, but it is a show. LOL.

Next on my list Judy King, first dear goodness how that lady got on my nervous. I don’t know who I hated more this season Piper or her.. She was so mean to Yoga Jones, and to make matters worse they have a threesome with Luschek!!

Gosh.. Diaz, someone I actually like! I was so happy when she found out she was getting out soon, but everyone else ugh.. Dayanara was being such a bitch and bringing her down! I know her jealous ass was just mad her mom was getting out and she wasn’t. Also when Diaz gets out her “family” are all jerks! For one her COUSIN fucked her baby daddy and had a kid with the guy! COM’ON DUDE. That’s just fucked out, but hoes will be hoes. Then her other friend spent her money and sold her clothes! I just hope she comes back in season 5, and they show she is doing good.

Soso, negative ass over here putting Poussey down talking about the outside world. Girl if you don’t shut your dumb ass up, she has an awesome girlfriend and yet when they get out it might be hard for them to get a place together and her coming out to her parents, but does she have to bring P down like that. Also I didn’t understand why she got sent to prison? someones clarify that for me, please.

Burset is back bitches!

Ruiz.. I liked her kinda and then this season I was just like wtf is this girl problem! But I guess when they explained her reason for being there it gave a little background on her being a bitch.


My fav Nichols! She’s back, and right when you were thinking she was doing good, *BOOM* she fucks up! She still my fav even if she does do stupid shit sometimes. I love her!

My goodness Morello psycho-jealous ass over here. SHE sends her sister to go check on her husband and then gets mad at THEM?? Like um, excuse you girl?? You sent her to meet him and make him feel part of the family, and now you want to accuse them of sleeping around?! She acts like people can’t have stuff in common and be friends! Over here getting mad because they both like a couple of the same things. The gets called out on it from her husband, LOL. But nooooo, she over here with her crazy ass mind telling everyone they plan on starting a family. When you know dam well she wants to sleep with Nichols again!

My girl Taystee, over here doing good for herself this season! Except for the ending which I’ll talk about in a little. She was doing so good, and all this new guards..


Fuck the new guards and Fuck Piscatella.


And finally episodes 12 and 13. I was crying my eyes out!  You guys can’t tell me you didn’t cry. The ending of episode 12 literally had my eyes ballin out.. P! How could that have happen to P! One of the most nice, sweetest, heartbroken character.. I wanted to punch my tv when I saw what happen. But then I was thinking to myself, maybe she just passed out and will be back episode 13. NOPE. She freaken DIES!! 😥 😥 😥 Then when you think Caputo is going to do good and everyone is going to finally like him, he pulls the shit he does at the interview. My gosh! Fuck him too.

Rip Poussey. She will truly be missed on the show. 😥

That’s it for now guys. Hope you guys enjoy hearing what I thought about this season. I got to say this was the BEST season by far, and one of my favorites. I wish I would have slowed down and watched the show once a day instead of a bunch in 3 days, but once you start watching it you can’t stop! LOL. I can’t wait till next year when season 5 starts. 😀

If you guys want to say something I missed just comment down below! Next I’ll be posting about Grace & Frankie. 😉

Thanks, bunches!

 XOXO, Jennie.

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