National Best Friend Day!

Happy National Best Friend Day my loves! I hope you guys tell your best friend you love them all the time not just today, lol. I don’t talk about friends very often because I don’t have many friends, but the few friends I do have are the best. I have 5 friends, and honestly that’s all I really need. My friends are my friends are a reason, because they are the only ones who have kept it real with me the last couple YEARS. Notice how I said years and not just months like some people do. Within the years I have learned that not everyone is meant to be your friend till the end sadly, but I take those losses as lessons. So since I’ve lost so many “friends” these are the five that I really need: Ricky, Kassy, Ray, Michelle, and Jackie. These people have showed me that when I need them the most they will be a phone call away. I love every single one of them so much, and I would be so sad if something ever happened to any of them. They all know they have a special place in my heart, even if we go months without talking I know I can pick up the phone any given time and they will answer me. I couldn’t talk God enough for putting these five people in my life.



Michelle and I. 

Michelle and I have been friends since the 5th grade, and the way we met was actually funny and weird. The people who actually know me, know that I have slight OCD and it fucks with me a lot, lol. Michelle has the exact same problems and I truly believe our OCD brought us close together. We met at the end of the school year when we were cleaning out lockers, and one locker on her side wouldn’t open. We literally struggled on that locker for about 2 hours! Until we finally opened it. And then the rest if history really, LOL.


Jackie and I

Honestly I don’t even remember how Jackie and I met. All I know is that she was the girl who was in the class across from me also in 5th grade. I think throughout the years we just grew closer and closer together until now, lol. Fun fact, Jackie and I share the same birthday! So I also believe it was destiny for us to be friends. Plus we both love Bruno Mars. We went to see him in concert TWICE… in one year! 🙂 Now we are just waiting for him to drop a new album and get back to touring!!


Ricky and I.. But you know that already. 😉

If I write about Ricky I will go on, and on about him and I’ll probably get off track, so I rather not. LOL. But not only is he my better half, but he is also one of the best friend a girl could ask for. Aside of him being there for me romantically as a partner, I know when I need a friend he is also there. I am super grateful for my baby. 🙂


Kassy and I. (Baby Ariel wasn’t born yet)

I also don’t remember when Kassy and I met. All I know is that we were just talking like we were friends since 6th grade. But I don’t care, but she is honestly my #1. Her and Ray are such amazing parents to baby Ariel, and I love all 3 of them. I can’t wait to see how amazing Ariel grows up to be, because she has such awesome parents. (I don’t have a picture of Ray)

But anyways these are my best friends. I would die for every single one of them and I know they know that.

I hope you guys have special friends just like I do.

XOXO, Jennie.

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