Sunday Funday


Hello luvs. Houston has been having crazy weather, and today was actually clear so my boyfriend and I decided to get our things packed and head to the wave pool. Even though my mom and his parents told us not to go because it was raining in Pasadena, we still headed to La Porte and to our luck it had only sprinkled all day. There was barely anyone at the wave pool, do the less people the more pool space for us! 🙂

I had been wanting to go before I started my summer classes, and it finally happen. The day before I start classes! LOL.IMG_1761

Even if it was just us two, I had so much fun enjoying our company.

Here are some pictures from our lovely date at the wave pool. You can peep my tiny corgi tattoo, lol. I am so tired of all the rain Houston has been having, so I hope it clears out so we can go again with a few friends next! Even with summer classes starting tomorrow I just know this summer will be great. If you guys have any suggestions on things to do in Houston, or Texas for the summer let me know! Hopefully I get the chance to check them out these next couple months. 🙂

XOXO, Jennie.


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