Funko POP!


Hi guys! I wanted to talk about my small collection that is slowly growing into a big thing, lol. First off to those who don’t know what these are they are called Funko POP! and I think they are the cutest things ever. I began collecting in January of this year (2016). I bought my first POP! in December as a gift to my boyfriend. But soon fell in love with the little collectibles and I knew I needed to get my own collection. I don’t have that many even though it looks like much in the picture they aren’t as many as other people. I first started to only buy for the value of the toy, but then realize I wasn’t enjoying buying just to resell them. I then started to buy the ones I wanted and that’s what I have left. Some of the ones in the picture I’ll be selling or giving away, but most I’m keeping for myself. My two favorite sets at the moment are the Naruto Shippuden and the Sailor Moon ones.


I am currently trying to complete my first wave of Bob’s Burgers, but my lovely boyfriend surprised me with the exclusive from the second wave so I won’t be behind. I am also on the hunt to get the two Gudetama POP!s. My boyfriend’s collection is slightly bigger than mine. Hens I did start almost a month an a half after him, he had a bit of extra time to get more than myself lol. I take the ones I’m keeping out to play with them. (Yes I am almost 20 and still play with toys!) I wish keeping an awesome collection wasn’t so expensive, but sadly it is. I want to collect all the princesses, but some are already vaulted and the prices are outrages. Ex: Belle is up to $210.. Snow White $30.

These are $9 toys and people go crazy when they stop making them reason for the horrible prices. One day I will have them all though, so I don’t worry too much now lol. My boyfriend somehow always gets lucky finding “hard to find” POP!s and a lot of people always want to buy them off him, but he is too attached to them lol. UNLESS he gets the chance to trade them for something on his “grail” list. But till then he won’t budge.


Photo credit to my boyfriend. (So he won’t be mad. LOL.)

This second collection is my boyfriend. (I bought about half his collection, lol.) Trust me when I say we are beginner collectors. Some people have so many they have them in storage units. The Funko POP! community is something else. I enjoy collecting, but why would I buy so many to the point I can’t see half of them because they are stored up in some garage? I applaud those people though, because when they look back from a few years they have some beauty’s stored up with them. I wish I would have known sooner about this collectibles. Imagine if I did, oooh boy would my collection be beautiful! Not like it’s not beautiful now but still lol.

I think this is enough for today! When my collection expanses I will be sure to show you guys. Till next time.


Virtual Hugs, Jennie.

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