Museum date!


Hiiiiii. Today my boyfriend and I decided to go on a date, and decided to go to museums! On Thursdays museums are free so we decided to go check some out. First we went to the Fine Arts Museum and it was my first time, and I think it was awesome!


Here are some pictures from today lol. My boyfriend did awesome on the pictures he took of me. He took a lot, so it was hard to pick out the ones I really liked enough to post on here. After the Fine arts Museum we headed to the Natural Science Museum, and I really love going to see the dinosaurs because I think it’s so awesome how they have actual bones and replicates of animals that use to run around earth before us! But before I show you guys pictures from the Natural Science here are a couple more from Fine Arts. Enjoy!

The Natural Science Museum is a great place, so here are the pictures I picked out to show you guys!

That’s all for  today. I hope every enjoys the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them to share with all of you. Till next time!

– Internet Hugs, Jennie.



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